Paul Cezanne is a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary Web Developer, Designer and I.T Specialist.

He finished Computer Science and Information Technology as a degree in college and for over 6 years, He has been doing Design and Code as a main career which started out as a hobby in his high school years, as well as Networking and I.T related projects. He worked and collaborated with many people and made various solo projects by himself.

Born and raised in the Philippines. As a child he has a curious mind for anything computer related and has a gift for being resourceful and a problem solver. he channeled this to constantly reinvent himself, learn and adapt to different kinds of practices. It was on 2013 when he decided to move to North America to explore and discover new ways to improve his craft. With a little adaptation and adjustment He is now loving the country’s culture and society.


Paul, who is in a constant state of creation and discovery has also a passion for Art, Music and Culture. A Part-time Artist doing Sketches, Paint, Digital Art, Poetry, Photography and Music in his spare time. He believes his work speaks volumes. Emotions, Personality and Exploration of world cultures plays a big role in every project that he does.

Paul Cezanne now resides in Los Angeles California and loves to write and describes himself in a third person perspective.

We dont know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are – Jean Paul Sartre