A wake up call, for those who think
That life is absurd and refuses to believe

Discreetly he managed to survive this vacant set.
Episodes come and leave home, round and round it returns.
Versatile he may have been for others to not see
Some of the enigmatic state of mind one has been.

Movements in odysseys, never to falter
Grab hold of wondrous delight, clutch a satisfaction
Grace upon the judgments of time. We believe.
Never to be lost or be found nowhere fast.

Never to imagine a man gets one man struck
By his worthy words, he felt down yet inspired
To see a life so systematic, blessed be this one had.
Now he is longing for the roots and fruits of life

It’s early to wish for a beautiful epiphany
But somehow he thinks it will all be comprehensive
The blend of joy and madness, his arms are open wide
Embrace the feeling of fulfillment then rise above the clouds

It is a different realm, this place and the other
Every mood soothes the contents of thinking
Our world is a canvas and the limit to a person’s way of expression
Is none other than imagination itself

All of us are in the same ground, gravitation we all have.
Just tell him not get sucked by worldly things
Tell him. It’s never too late for you to fight for something
To reach and goal and make it his everything

He believes in the goodness of humanity

We are left alone in this world
No savior to bless
No savior to give in
Only ourselves
To lend a hand

A life to live